10 Statistics That Show Direct Mail Increases Your ROI

These 10 statistics show how you can increase your ROI. Find out why Direct Mail brings in more revenue than other forms of advertising!


How long has it been since you last checked all of your marketing channels' returns? Last month, six months ago, even a year ago?  Knowing where your money is flowing from is extremely important as this will allow you to increase your return on investment. Studies have proven that direct mail brings in more revenue than any other form of advertising, even those catchy digital ads! See for yourself here and here and let’s take a closer look below on 10 statistics that show how much Direct Mail actually increases your ROI.


  1. Marketing Charts reported that from a 2020 survey, respondents calculated an 18% greater ROI when their marketing campaigns incorporated direct mail.

  2. Royal Market Reach shows us that 25% of people bought something as a result of receiving direct mail in the past 12 months.  By maintaining a presence in a consumer's home, you continue to build trust as a brand.

  3. In a 2020 study, Valassis shows us that 65% of affluent households with an income of $100k or more said they made a purchase in the past 30 days because of direct mail advertising. This continues to show us that this trustworthy and time-tested tactic of direct mail isn’t lost.

  4. Research conducted by Compere Media that included marketing respondents from industries such as Travel & Leisure, Automotive to Healthcare and Financial Institutions, stated that over 60% of direct mail has the highest ROI out of any channels they use.

  5. In addition to the point above, A Brand Science review by Royal Mail MarketReach concluded that when using multi-channel campaigns where direct mail was included, campaigns had a 12% larger ROI than those without mail.  As times continue to change, it’s more important than ever to ensure the mail is always included in the mix.

  6. According to Data Marketing & Association, direct mail creates a reaction in consumers which generates 10% more customers than email (34% direct mail, 24% email).  All and all to say that in comparison, direct mail has a greater likelihood of converting.

  7. Small Business Trends shows us that 62% of consumers who responded to direct mail that they had received in the past 3 months made a purchase.  Direct mail is just a stepping stone towards a large conversion rate.

  8. Canada Post shows us that it requires 21% less cognitive effort to process direct mail vs. a digital ad which in turn gives rise to a much higher brand recall.  Therefore suggesting that it is both easier and more memorable when holding a tangible piece before making a purchase.

  9. USPS states that direct mail recipients had purchased 28% more items as well as spent 28% more money than those who hadn’t received a direct mail piece. Direct mail communication can also help throughout the year when sales fluctuate guiding you to offset the slower seasons.

  10. In 2016, Canada Post ran a test that compared a similar direct mail campaign and digital campaign to see what the impact would be on consumers. The direct mail participants’ in this test had a recall that was 70% higher versus those who were exposed to the similar digital ad, which only had a recall of 44%.  

Time and time again it goes to show that consumers continue to trust this tried and true method of receiving an offer or information through direct mail. The data is here to support this statement which should be used to the best advantage of increasing your return on investment.  Click here to fill out our contact us form, where our Marketing Consultants will be happy to start the conversation on how you can move the needle in your conversion, thus increasing your ROI.


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