How Effective Is Direct Mail Marketing?

Using Direct mail for any flyer distribution remains one of the most effective ways to reach new and existing customers.

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Whether you’re a small business or a large corporation, one of the end goals will always be the same, you need to get your message across to your target audience and it needs to be done effectively.  One of the most effective and efficient ways to do this is through Direct Mail. It has stood the test of time and I am here to show you four proven reasons on just how effective Direct Mail Marketing is!

Higher ROI than Email

That is correct, Direct Mail Marketing has a higher ROI than email. How is that possible?  Well, any form of print advertising whether through magazines or solo postcards, can be tracked.  A few ways to do this are through QR Codes, barcodes and coupon codes.   Print advertising is naturally more memorable and the obvious, it’s tangible.  It’s no wonder that 73% of consumers would prefer businesses to use Direct Mail to reach them.  Consumers like to hold something physical in their hands, put it to the side if they cannot tend to it at that moment and physically pick it back up when they are ready.  This is the opposite of email, we are so overwhelmed with digital information, that if you open an email, scan it quickly, and then get distracted by something else. Chances are that email is left as read and filters lower in your inbox as more emails come in, and then it’s forgotten.  If your direct mail campaign is done effectively, your new and existing customers will have loyalty, thus, continuing to have a higher Return on Investment than email.

Brand Awareness

As one of the most tangible tools a marketer can use to stay top of mind with a customer is through Direct Mail.  Experience has shown us that frequency works. The more times a customer receives a printed flyer, it subconsciously builds a brand awareness when a customer continues to see your logo, your name, or even the service(s) you provide.  By having these repetitions, your company will be top of mind when a potential customer needs to make that next step in their purchase process!  On top of that, you can build your brand awareness with Direct Mail at any stage of your customers’ lifecycle journey.


We all enjoy and feel special when someone takes the time to do something that is personalized to and for us.  Receiving a printed flyer that is personalized is not any different, it grabs the reader's attention.  With 78% of consumers confirming that they would repeat a purchase if a company personalized their advertisements to them, it doesn’t take much to use this data and create a direct mail campaign that is well-executed, strengthens your brand, and further builds on your consumer base.  Aside from a personalized advertisement, you can also personalize your offers too.  This can be for existing customers as well as new customers, to try out a product or service. 

Less Competition vs. Other Mediums 

For various reasons, companies use a more strategic approach when it comes to their print advertising.  With email marketing being easy to send at a mass volume, you are competing with many other industries that are similar and all vying for the reader to see your ad.  It’s easy to become a needle in a haystack. In 2021, it was estimated that approximately 360 pieces of direct mail were sent to the average home that year.  That is less than 400 pieces of mail.  This includes consumers switching to receive online statements for banking.  When that print advertisement comes to your mailbox, it’s just that more exciting to read and look at!  It is also noted that this figure alone tells us there is far less competition for Direct Mail campaigns and room to grow, encouraging your business to use this to your advantage focusing on a well planned and executed campaign.  

With many more reasons on why Direct Mail Marketing is effective, these four points speak for themselves, tying into each other.  Do your research and focus on your list of clients, what is the message of the product or service you are trying to convey? How can it be personalized? What kind of frequency is needed for new customers to have you top of mind when it comes to brand awareness?  With less competition as a marketing medium, you are sure to increase your ROI. 

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