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Why Direct Mail Works Infographic

Direct mail offers several advantages over other marketing strategies, especially when used alongside other marketing tools. Check out our Why Direct...

Digital Marketing

9 Ways to Use QR Codes in your Small Business

Discover the top 9 ways your business can use QR codes in your marketing strategy. Learn what QR codes are, how QR codes benefit marketing efforts,...

direct mail marketing

5 Direct Mail Myths Debunked

Check out the top five direct mail myths and how our experts have debunked them.

Why Direct Mail is Booming

Direct mail is skyrocketing while we remain at home due to the pandemic. Learn more about why and how to reach your customers today.


What are Direct Mail Postcards?

A postcard in direct mail is an effective way to reach your customers. Learn how they work & our tips on how to make the most out of your ads.

best practices

Social Distancing and Your Business

The topic of “Social Distancing” is an important practice to implement during the outbreak of COVID-19. What does this mean for your business? 

DRMG Featured in The Career Directory 2020

Direct Response Media Group (DRMG) is proud to announce that DRMG has been acknowledged as one of Canada’s Best Employers by “The Career Directory!”


DRMG Acquires Valassis Canada

Direct Response Media Group (DRMG), Canada’s leading direct mail company today announces the acquisition of the Canadian subsidiary of Valassis.

How To Analyze Your DRMG Insight Report

It’s that time again, you just received your DRMG Insight monthly report, but what do all these stats and figures mean, really? Find out by reading...

Toronto’s Honda Indy 2019

DRMG has partnered with the Honda Indy as a sponsor for 3 consecutive years. We provide advertising, in our Money Saver products!

7th Annual Free-Them Freedom Walk 2019

DRMG is pleased to be supporting the 7th Annual Free-Them Freedom Walk. This event is a great way to raise awareness to end exploitation in Canada.

DRMG Joins Forces with Funtastical

As a proud sponsor of the 1st annual Funtastical, DRMG is happy that it was a huge success. The event raised over $93 000!

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How to acquire the most loyal dental patients

Here's how dentists can implement the perfect dental marketing strategy to reach across multiple platforms and channels before the competition does.

6th Annual Free-Them Freedom Walk

DRMG is excited to be walking and supporting the 6th Annual Free-Them Freedom Walk, raising awareness about modern slavery.

DRMG at The Honda Indy Toronto!

The 2018 Honda Indy Toronto was a very successful weekend for DRMG! The annual car racing event drew huge crowds at the Canadian National Exhibition.


Home Improvement Industry Marketing Tips

When you own a home improvement business it is important to make sure your marketing is well planned. Learn the top home improvement industry...

Another Town Hall Success

At our Town Hall meeting at Oakville’s’s theatre, our executive team reviewed our results from last year and were very happy with the results.


3 Key Elements for Market Exposure

Find out how to increase market exposure with both business development and marketing that focuses on creating messaging that will resonate with...


Strategic Planning Using a Treasure Map

Things that you need to know for strategic planning for your business growth. Creating a strategic plan is a treasure map for your business...


FAQ About Shared media products

Find out FAQ about Direct Mail marketing to better understand a wide term that is applied to sending a range of marketing materials sent through the...

DRMG Thinks Inside the Box!

At the Think Inside the Box Conference, we met some great people, shared some of the knowledge that has made us an industry leader since 1996. Click...


What is The Ideal Business Marketing Mix?

Direct mail, email marketing and pay-per-click campaigns the go to's for modern businesses, small, medium & large. Is this ideal for your business?


DRMG Rebranding Is Complete!

We installed the new sign and the inside of DRMG has been been fully transitioned for a while, it feels good to have our exterior reflect the...

We Have Re-Branded!

We are excited and proud to announce that we are rebranding ourselves and launched our new website! Learn more about DRMG.

DRMG Purchases Assets of Open and Save

Enhancing its position as the leader in direct mail publishing in Canada, DRMG purchased all assets from envelope direct mail company Action Pak

DRMG Acquires “The Home Magazine”

Canada's largest direct mail company, Direct Response Media Group has acquired a new direct marketing mailer - The Home Magazine. Coming to mailboxes...

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